Human Traffic Watch

Take Action

Many people ask “How can I do something about this?”  My first response is always this: EDUCATE YOURSELF.  If you don’t have a firm understanding of what is and isn’t trafficking, you won’t be able to do much for the cause.  You can find out more about trafficking by looking at the resources page, or check out the U.S.’s Trafficking in Person’s Report (TIP information herehere, and here).  (Printable info graphic here.)

Here is a series I based of the A21 Campaigns “21 Ways to Fight Human Trafficking.”

  1. Spread the Word
  2. Use Your Talent
  3. Invest in Freedom
  4. Lobby Politicians
  5. Organize a Fundraiser
  6. Support Survivors
  7. Fast for Freedom
  8. Volunteer at Local Organizations
  9. Start a Community Awareness Group
  10. Shop Smart – Buy Fair Trade//Slave Free

If you are committed to total worldwide abolition, these are only the tip of the iceberg.  Congratulations: your life is about to change dramatically.  The food you eat, stores you shop at, and way you view the world around you will all make a statement that you won’t support systems of enslavement

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  2. I will really try to spread the word this week. Thank you for doing the same.

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