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Interview with Mira Sorvino on child trafficking awareness. (via Yahoo!)

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Mira Sorvino discusses child trafficking

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Child brides are common in many Middle Eastern and Asian countries. Public opinion is more inclined to see these arrangements as sex slavery, since by definition of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, minors under 18 are not able to give consent to sexual relations.   The idea of slavery is conveyed by Jeff’s journals and tapes which were seized after a raid of the Texas facility based on a 2008 tip about children being forced into marriages and sexual activity with older men.  In the recording, Jeffs spoke of his 14-year-old bride whom he married in January 2004 and ”informed [her parents] of their girl belonging to me.” The night after the “wedding”, the girl and another wife were taken for a drive in the wilderness and given training on their sexual duties, with the session taped by Jeffs.
(Holly Craw for Sex Trafficking Examiner)

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Warren Jeffs: Child sex slavery documented on taped instructions to teen girls

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Check out the Sex+Money website, blog, and tour dates – they may be screening in a city near you!!

Anchorage police have busted a local massage parlor for prostitution.Two women were arrested after an undercover operation revealed that Tropic Massage, near the intersection of Lake Otis and Tudor, was a front for prostitution.One woman has been charged with practicing prostitution and another for maintaining a place of prostitution.
(Andrea Gusty for KTVA11 Alaska) An example of someone who could be a victim being prosecuted as a criminal.

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Anchorage Massage Parlor Busted for Prostitution

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A day in the life of a sex trafficking victim. Powerful video. Please share this and connect with the plight facing girls in Cambodia.

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FLESH: Fighting Human Trafficking

Launching on Monday 25th July 2011 at 5pm, campaigner and musician Phil Knight will undertake one of the most challenging anti-human cruelty campaigns ever carried out. In aid of Emma Thompson’s Helen Bamber Foundation the campaign, known as ‘The Everyday Project’, will aim to firmly expose human trafficking in the UK and see Knight endure two weeks of solitary confinement outside of Euston Station in Euston Square Gardens. Knight’s fundraising single ‘Everyday’ will also be released the same day to coincide with the launch of the campaign. From 5pm Monday 25th July until 5pm Monday 8th August, The Everyday Project will see the Helen Bamber Foundation’s most prominent ambassador hidden and locked inside a 10’ x 8’ iron clad shipping container, located in Euston Square Gardens. Suffering two weeks of solitary confinement and captured via live video streaming on, Knight will face extreme isolation and deprivation, having only a portaloo, journal and a pair of his trusty drumsticks for company, with some basic provisions provided for his survival. Illustrating only a small part of what those being trafficked and tortured endure every day, the campaign aims to fully expose this modern-day form of slavery. Already familiar with undertaking extreme challenges in a bid to stop human trafficking, Knight broke a world record in 2009 by drumming for four and a half consecutive days in Leicester Square, raising over £4000 for the Foundation.
I encourage you to check the link – it’s great to see someone actually doing something so difficult just to raise awareness of this issue! 

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Endurance Campaign Demonstrates the Cruelty of Human Trafficking

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Incredible story of how the women from one of the brothels in India refuse to be defined by their circumstances. Instead, they joined together and are sending their children to school, breaking the chain of family prostitution. The part of the story when the brothel is burned infuriated me. People always want to treat the symptom, not the disease – and the disease is found in the men that visit the brothel. Without perpetrators, there would be no prostitutes.

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