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Once trafficked, she now brings hope to other survivors.

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At just 14 years old, Charito was trapped in a bar in the Philippines (similar to this one) and sold to be abused by customers.

At just 14 years old, Charito was trapped in a bar in the Philippines (similar to this one) and sold to be abused by customers.

Poverty left Charito* vulnerable. Desperate to help her impoverished family, she dropped out of school to look for work. When a woman she’d just met promised her a good job in a nearby city, she felt she had ‘no other choice’ but to accept.

But it was a horrible lie. Just 14 years old, Charito was trafficked into a bar in Cebu, the Philippines. She was sold for sex night after night. She remembers, “They treated us like animals.”

Fortunately, local authorities soon rescued Charito and 26 other girls trapped in the bar. But from there the case stalled—stuck in a broken court system. Charito returned home alone, burdened by shame and struggling to heal.

Later that year, IJM opened an office in Cebu. Our attorneys heard of the troubled case and quickly worked with state prosecutors to move the trial forward. IJM social workers helped Charito move into an aftercare home for the support and trauma counseling she so desperately needed.

“IJM helped in giving worth and time for my case.” Real freedom began “because of the love I received from people who truly cared for me.”

Source: IJM


Child sex trafficking bust in Sacramento arrests 6, rescues 6

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FBI and local law enforcement found six underage girl prostitutes and arrested six men suspected of being their pimps during a child sex trafficking ring bust in north Sacramento Monday.

The bust happened in an area of Sacramento called the Stroll; known for the number of prostitutes that walk the street, at Watt Avenue and Orange Grove Avenue.

After nearly a week long investigation, agents said they found six girls ages ranging from 15 to 17 working as prostitutes.

“One of the girls we ran into is a girl we had contact with at 12, she’s now 16,” Special Agent Minerva Shelton said.

FBI agents said much of their work began online on sex chat sites. Their investigation led them to a north Sacramento parking lot where they found pimps and underage prostitutes.

 Source: News 10

New facility to help sex trafficking victims heal

In Child Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on March 10, 2012 at 10:19 am

On 110 acres in the woods north of Houston, sits a place where Kellie Armstrong hopes girls can be girls again.

“We have a school building, we have the main house,” said Armstrong, the executive director of Freedom Place. “This will provide hopefully a sense of just peace.”

Welcome to Freedom Place, a soon-to-be safe haven for pre-teens and teens rescued from the local sex trade.

“We want them to have an opportunity for them just to feel safe, get the fog, let the fog lift out of their minds so they can focus on themselves and what they need to be whole again,” Armstrong said.

Source: ABC Local

Human trafficking victims recovering well

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Parents of missing girls scan pictures provided by police - police set up the exercise to help reunite children rescued from human traffickers with their families. Photo: Puri Devjee

Her face lit up as she described how much she was enjoying sleeping on a soft bed and enjoying three healthy meals a day.

That was one of the 15 victims who were rescued in a massive anti-human trafficking raid carried out by specialised police units in the Point area of Durban last week.

This week, the girls, all of whom are minors, were recovering at safe houses and receiving the necessary medical treatment and counselling.

Source: IOL


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The beginning vision for the crisis center started with 17-year-old Elizabeth, a survivor of human trafficking. Last year, the Not For Sale South Africa team was notified that Elizabeth desperately needed a safe place after her recent trauma. Although the team acted as quickly as possible to secure a safe location, it took a significant amount of time due to the limited resources allocated towards victims – especially minors – of human trafficking.  By the time the Not For Sale staff sat with Elizabeth in the initial interview, she was withdrawn and fearful, suffering from trauma; unable to shower, change her clothes, or have a safe place to go.

Elizabeth’s story tumbled out in bits and pieces during the shelter intake process. She had been tricked into becoming a domestic slave and eventually became victim to a man who promised to help get her home but instead raped her and stole the last of her few possessions.

Girls like Elizabeth should not have to wait to receive the necessary and immediate assistance after their traumatic experiences. They should have a haven to go to – one where they feel welcomed and safe, able to rest their heads, cleanse themselves, and experience kindness before the arduous process of being placed in a safe house for long-term care.

(Not for Sale Campaign)

Picking up the pieces of human trafficking

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Every day, women and girls across the country are working to integrate back into society after experiencing the trauma of human trafficking. In fact, according to one nonprofit group, one in four girls is sexually abused by the time they reach adulthood.

Wellspring Living has created two safe homes for victims in Georgia. One home is strictly for girls and teenagers, where the victims sometimes come in as young as 12. The second home is a safe place for adult women — they range in age from 18 to 35. But they all have something in common: they are survivors.

“It is a challenge from the day they walk in. Getting them through the phases and getting them through the process of recovery, and healing from all the things they’ve experienced,” said Lisa Byrd, the clinical director for the Wellspring Living women’s home.

(Elizabeth Prann for Fox News)

Cambodia: Srey Neth

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Srey Neth is a young Cambodian victim of human trafficking. In this story she speaks of her experience transitioning from victim to survivor. At 14 she was sold by her mother to a pimp for $300; a week later he sold her virginity for the same price then he forced her to serve 10-20 men per night afterwards. Her refusal was met with beatings or electrocution. Srey Neth was later rescued by police and a non governmental organization. During her recovery, which unsurprisingly has taken more than five years, she was diagnosed with HIV.

This is not just a story about the darkness in humanity. Srey Neth is a victim who has found her voice and become a survivor; I see her as a figurative Cambodia, her home country. It is culturally permissive of human trafficking after struggling through thirty years of genocide, occupation, and civil war. From a trauma and victimization standpoint, Cambodian society is still finding the voice it needs to end the exploitation.


Human ribbon to raise awareness for human sex trafficking

In Awareness, Child Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on January 30, 2012 at 11:22 am

Briggs recently founded Mission at Serenity Ranch, a nonprofit which hopes to create a facility to house up to eight girls ages 18-24 who have been victims of human trafficking. Briggs said that although one construction company has agreed to help build the facility free of labor, it would still cost about $250,000 just to fund the facility, which she hopes could break ground in 2013. Additional funding would be required for at least the first year of services, she said.

The program would provide a three phase process for the victims, Briggs explained. The first stage includes therapy and training on issues such as cooking and managing a budget, while achieving a high school diploma or GED. The second stage helps the victims with vocational training or certificate programs, and the final stage places them in a halfway house environment where they save money to later move into independent living.

(Matt Stephens for Your Houston News)

IJM Mumbai and Local Police Rescue Girls in Back-to-Back Anti-Trafficking Operations

In Child Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on January 29, 2012 at 1:00 am

In back-to-back rescue operations this week, IJM helped local police to rescue several girls from their suspected traffickers.

First, IJM Mumbai received intelligence of a potential trafficking case: A mother was desperate to save her daughter, anxious that she had been trafficked to a town a few hours away. Although IJM had not worked in the particular region before, the team believed that the intelligence was strong enough – and that the risk to this young girl was great enough – to launch an immediate investigation.

A team of IJM investigators, lawyers and social workers mobilized quickly, successfully locating the apartment where they believed the young girl was trapped. Law enforcement officials arrived on the scene within fifteen minutes to investigate. They entered the building and found two young women – but not the daughter they were searching for.

(International Justice Mission)

SOLDIERS of Operation Jubilee, operating in Abia State to flush out kidnappers and other criminal elements have arrested a couple, Pastor Josiah Iroegbu and his wife Peace for alleged kidnapping and child trafficking. Two children she allegedly sold recently were recovered and were seen on the Asa premises of the task force. The children were recovered following a raid by the soldiers on the Oyigbo Care Centre of the couple  following a tip-off by an aggrieved mother. The soldiers claimed that children delivered by young girls with unwanted pregnancies were sold to buyers at the Care Centre. Some of the babies have been recovered and the soldiers said more would be recovered as the “suspect is now cooperating with investigators to recover the sold children.”
(Anayo Okoli for Vangaurd)

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Couple nabbed for child trafficking, kidnapping

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