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Oscar-nominated local filmmakers tackle sex trafficking

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In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, girls as young as 7 are sold for sex. • They are presented to the customers as virgins. Many are then physically sewn to preserve the illusion. • A good number of the buyers are American men who travel to the far corners of the world as “sex tourists,” a sanitized term that ignores the trauma of the young victims of trafficking. • “They’ll go and take these girls for two or three weeks back to their hotel,” says filmmaker Bob Bilheimer, the president of Worldwide Documentaries Inc. “The worst of them all are the Americans.”

For four years, Bilheimer and his wife, Heidi Ostertag, immersed themselves in the world of youth trafficking. After trips to places from Ghana to Oklahoma, their film, Not My Life, provides a harrowing portal into the sexual trade of children, as well as the use of children for slave-like labor.

Difficult subjects are not new for Worldwide, which is headquartered at the couple’s home in Bristol, Ontario County. The company has tackled AIDS, mental illness and apartheid. Recognition has come as well, including an Oscar nomination.

Source: Democrat and Chronicle


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CNN Freedom Project’s “Not My Life” documentary on human trafficking (Part 1)

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A powerful, new documentary film depicting the horrifying and dangerous practices of human trafficking and modern slavery on a global scale airs this weekend on CNN.

Oscar-nominated director Robert Bilheimer says the movie could be key to unlocking public awareness and calls for action.

“People do not recoil from this. They are angered by it and horrified by it. I think it’s genuinely possible that we can move the dime on this, that we can put this in the forefront of the public consciousness. That’s all you need,” he said.

Filmed on five continents over four years, “Not My Life” shows survivors and anti-traffickers with dignity and compassion, and depicts the unspeakable practices of traffickers.

“Not My Life” features inspiring testimony from survivors; depictions of trafficking, exploitation, and slavery in all parts of the world including forced labor in Africa, street begging and garbage picking in India, sexual trafficking in the United States and Southeast Asia, and various forms of child enslavement and abuse in both North and South America.

(CNN Freedom Project)

In “Not My Life,” a documentary about human trafficking and modern slavery that will be screened Thursday night in Topeka, Oscar-nominated filmmaker Robert Bilheimer not only pulls back the curtains of the brothels of Mumbai, India, but also the truck stops of Oklahoma City and finds underage prostitutes in both places, including a young Wichita teenager.
(Bill Blankenship for The Capital-Journal via cjonline)

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Documentary explores child sex trafficking

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Not My Life – a new documentary on the world wide modern day slave trade

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