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The following is a letter from Mil-

“We see over 200 women a year at the shelter, almost all of whom are coming out of sex trafficking. The process of recovery is not a simple one. In even the best of cases justice against the traffickers is often out of our hands and it can take years to be won.

Healing is a path we must help each individual navigate. There is no easy answer. Not For Sale’s program has become very popular with the girls, and we have seen the positive effect on both their well being, and growth towards independence.

What we hear is that the women feel valued, useful and truly happy because of what they learn.  The qualification that the women earn shows them the worth of their efforts and new skills, and is a powerful and affirming step to a working life in the Netherlands.

My hope is that one day our efforts will result in me no longer having a job. Right now, we must do all that we can to bring opportunities for normal jobs and normal lives and enable those once exploited to be free again.”

– Mil

While we have created training opportunities for 18 survivors, we still have 26 women desperate for critical care on the waiting list. Without training these women face the worst possible scenario, being re-trafficked. By May 1, we need to raise $50,000 to ensure that these women can live lives free of exploitation. Without your help, we will be forced to turn them away.

Give today to end the wait list for our help. Raise hope for Amsterdam.

Source: Not for Sale Campaign



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As Syria continues its descent deeper into civil war, the situation in the Arab nation continues to dominate headlines across the globe. While politicians debate the best course of action and issue warnings of escalated forms of warfare, human trafficking in the region has gone largely unreported.

Syria itself was recently ‘blacklisted’ by the US government, dropping from a Tier 2 (watch list) to Tier 3 country in the 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP). Generally speaking, a Tier 3 country ‘does not fully comply with the minimum standards [of human trafficking prevention, protection of victims and prosecution of traffickers] and [is] not making significant efforts to do so’. Specifically, Syria is a source country of girls who travel to neighboring Lebanon and are forced to work in prostitution. Within the country, dire economic situations had led to children engaged in forced labor and forced begging in the past. It is difficult to know now, amidst the hostilities, how street begging rings operate. However, where the unawareness of human trafficking is currently most detrimental lies in those who are trafficked into Syria.

The conflict-ridden country also happens to be a transit country for women and girls from Iraq, the Philippines, Indonesia and Ethiopia. In being a transit country, many are eventually trafficked into Lebanon and Jordan. However, those who stay are often found in debt bondage, working as house maids or in prostitution. According to the International Trade Union Confederation, even as the conflict has continued to rage, the amount of Filipino workers has not significantly decreased. The Manilla Times reported in April that the Philippines Government is trying to bring home as many as 9,000 Filipino women. Many are trapped inside cities that are under siege, such as Homs and Hama. With no formal government in place in Syria, the negotiation of rescuing Filipino nationals is a next to impossible task. As violence now spreads into parts of Lebanon, a deeper turn into turmoil could well see more foreign nationals in similar situations become ever more susceptible to trafficking across the region.

Source: Not for Sale

Right People, Right Place, Right Time

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Fast forward 16 months: REBBL has raised over a million dollars in seed capital, hired beverage industry veterans, and seen their first bottles come off the production line. They’re currently working with Causes to raise awareness and customer demand for the first batches of tea and expect the first delivery of their product to consumers in the first few weeks of August. The first flavor of REBBL tea, Hibicus Mint, will have its proceeds invested back in the Amazon jungles of Peru. But REBBL Tea is already moving forward with batches focused on India, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe as well.

Source: Forbes

Not For Sale campaign video

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A video about Modern Day Slavery, produced for the Not For Sale campaign.


18 Hours Left: Free2Rock + ENATION support Freedom with “REBEL AGAINST INJUSTICE” T-shirt

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Source: Not for Sale // Free2Rock


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Every church should have a track and field starting gun. I’m serious. Along with the Bible and the offering trays, the pastor should be ready to whip out the gun and use it at a moments notice.

Think about it.  People come into church worship services to encounter God.  They come in fragmented, distracted, but anticipating some new teaching or experience.  The music begins and the worship starts flowing from the music into announcements, then offerings, communion, prayer, and sermon.  God does show up.  People worship.  God pours out blessings, insights, and direction.  The people of God unite, ready to follow God.  Then the pastor whips out the gun, starts the benediction, and fires the shot after the “amen”.

The people of God then rush out into our deeply fractured world to transform it in the power of the Spirit, bringing hope and healing  along with the good news.  Joy explodes.  Love invades.   God’s people take the worship, the blessings of God that they’ve received, and give it away.

Slavery Maps

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Free the Slaves: Slavery Map

Polaris Project: Slavery Map

Click on your state in the map below to access in-depth local information and resources.

Click on the drop-down menu to view the map according to a specific variable.

For information on pending legislation, click here.

Not for Sale: Slavery Map

Not for Sale’s Slavery Map keeps track of convictions of all forms of human trafficking around the world.

Free2Work is back online!

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Click on the picture to visit the site!

Free2Work is BACK ONLINE! And better than ever! Check out now to find information on some of the industry’s biggest brands. Are they keeping their supply chain slave-free? Are they making efforts to eradicate forced labor? Or are they doing nothing? If you ever needed a tool to help make decisions while shopping, this is a great place to start – and they have apps for Androids and iPhones, too!


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The beginning vision for the crisis center started with 17-year-old Elizabeth, a survivor of human trafficking. Last year, the Not For Sale South Africa team was notified that Elizabeth desperately needed a safe place after her recent trauma. Although the team acted as quickly as possible to secure a safe location, it took a significant amount of time due to the limited resources allocated towards victims – especially minors – of human trafficking.  By the time the Not For Sale staff sat with Elizabeth in the initial interview, she was withdrawn and fearful, suffering from trauma; unable to shower, change her clothes, or have a safe place to go.

Elizabeth’s story tumbled out in bits and pieces during the shelter intake process. She had been tricked into becoming a domestic slave and eventually became victim to a man who promised to help get her home but instead raped her and stole the last of her few possessions.

Girls like Elizabeth should not have to wait to receive the necessary and immediate assistance after their traumatic experiences. They should have a haven to go to – one where they feel welcomed and safe, able to rest their heads, cleanse themselves, and experience kindness before the arduous process of being placed in a safe house for long-term care.

(Not for Sale Campaign)


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Here are the Top 5 Reasons We’re Celebrating:

1. We’re witnessing companies changing their supply chain and reporting them on our new Free2Work website and app!

2. We’re creating new futures for survivors of sex trafficking in Amsterdam’s red light district with a brand new soup & bread enterprise!

3. We’re helping those vulnerable to trafficking in the Amazon by generating new global markets!

4. We’re sponsoring an innovative new training program in India to provide survivors and vulnerable women with competitive and dignified employment!

5. We’re excited to send several children from the Thailand village to university — with another 45 to come in the next 3 years!

Help us continue to do all 5 of these things (and 55 more!) in the year ahead.


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