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At CWU forum, victim recounts horrors of human trafficking

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Begum was born in a village in Bangladesh.

“There were 11 of us, and my father really tried hard to provide for us, but we lived in really strict poverty,” Begum said.

Then came a rich man, Stefan Chapman Christopher, who found her father, built him a house, and said he could take the kids and give them an education.

“So what parent would say no to that?” Begum said.

Her father gave up his children for their chance in the land of opportunity.

“So my journey from Bangladesh: we’re excited, we’re going to come to America, get on a plane, never ridden in a car before, all these exciting things,” Begum said. “Well, what was supposed to be a dream come true was my nightmare when I was brought to Oakville, Washington, with nine of my family members.”

She was 4 years old. She had an 11-year-old sister that was forced to marry the man.

“We were tortured,” Begum said. “We lived in a farm, this man ran a farm, used us all as slaves, for quite a few years. Not only were we forced to get up and work all day and night, no electricity, hardly any food … now it’s a very rural area, it’s safe, people go where they need to go, they come home and they bury their head in their own mind and their own business and their own home.”

Begum and her siblings were tortured, beaten, raped and emotionally abused.

“We were scared to go anywhere and look at people in the eye,” she said.

Begum and her family were saved when her 14-year-old cousin committed suicide. That’s when law enforcement got involved.

“Many of you have children; can you imagine? A 4-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, 10-year-old, 12-year-old being raped and beaten,” Begum.


Do You Own Stuff Made By Slaves

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Chinese teen sex slave in UK ‘had no idea which country she was in’

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A Chinese teenage sex slave who was kept in a cage in the UK did not know which country she was in when police found her, it was revealed Wednesday.

The 18-year-old was rescued from a locked cage inside a brothel in Birmingham, central England, and was put in the care of local nun Sister Helen Ryan and her order at St Mary’s Convent of Mercy.

Sister Ryan highlighted the young woman’s plight to draw attention to the problem of sex trafficking in Britain, the Birmingham Mail reported.

She told the paper, “One young boy was put in the back of a lorry [truck] by his granddad in Vietnam in the hope that he would get a better life. He was 13 years old and when he arrived in the West Midlands he was forced to work in the sex industry.”

Source: Fox News

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Officer: Pa. Cellar, Captives Smelled Like ‘death’

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Our mentally disabled adults had deep gashes, wounds and scars all over their bodies when they were rescued from a locked room in a Philadelphia basement, according to photographs of the victims shown in court Monday.Prosecutors accused Weston of running the benefit-fraud scheme in several states from 2002 until her October arrest, which came after a landlord stumbled on the captives in a fetid basement room. One man, Herbert Knowles, was found chained to a boiler.

(MARYCLAIRE DALE for AP via Salon)
Officer: Pa. Cellar, Captives Smelled Like ‘death’

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Al Jazeera slavery debate in full

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It is cheaper to own a slave today than it was during the 19th century [GALLO/GETTY]

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Charcoal slavesPoverty-stricken men from the north of Brazil are often lured to remote camps where they are used as slave labour.

Brazil, once the world’s largest importer of slaves from Africa, has taken the lead in fighting 21st century slavery with a raft of innovative laws aimed at stamping it out. 

However, slave labour continues to thrive in the South American country – especially in the age-old practice of charcoal burning. The dirty and dangerous business is relied on by many international companies as one of the early stages in the manufacturing of pig iron. 

Brazilian pig iron is shipped to some of the world’s biggest companies, including household name car manufacturers – who use it to forge steel. 


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via She Shall Go Free

Edk Kenit, 29, was sentenced Wednesday to three years and three months in federal prison. Kenit’s girlfriend, Choimina Lukas, 31, was sentenced to 20 months in prison. Both also will have three years of supervised release. They each faced up to five years in prison. The couple admitted to recruiting a woman identified only as “S.S.” in court documents to come to America with the promise of education and travel. Once S.S. arrived, though, the couple seized her passport. S.S. was made to provide full-time childcare, cooking and cleaning services for the couple without pay. The couple also made S.S. get a job at Foster Farms for five months and seized all of her earnings, according to authorities. To further their scheme, the couple also isolated S.S. and didn’t allow her to have any friends, leave the house unsupervised or participate in any social gatherings aside from family events, according to a press release from the U.S. Department of Justice. The servitude lasted for 11 months before she escaped in February. Prosecutors credited an “alert neighbor” and Longview police with “rescuing” S.S.
(The Daily News Online)

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Washington couple sentenced in human trafficking case

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