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Help End Child Sex Slavery & Exploitation

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Love146: Expansion

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We’re focusing on reaching America’s children before traffickers do and educating children on the dangers of trafficking. Many of the at-risk children in the U.S. go to school every day.

So over the last 18 months we piloted a program in Connecticut and reached nearly 4,000 children. Unfortunately, we also identified potential victims. After training teachers how to identify signs of potentially trafficked children, in almost every school, teachers told us they had seen these signs previously but not known what they were. We even had children teach us potential new trafficking tactics – one child told she was waiting for her “sponsor” to get out of prison. This is not your typical type of child sponsorship run by charities, rather one where older men “sponsor” a child, buy her gifts, clothes, cell phones and promise to take care of her. These tactics are placing children in extreme risk of being trafficked.

We’re starting by growing our Prevention Education program in Connecticut schools to reach thousands more students in our home state. To support the expansion we’re also opening two new Love146 offices in 2013.

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Love146: Tread on Trafficking

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Tread on Trafficking is a fundraiser that runs until June 30th where treaders do something physical
and ask sponsors to support them for running, swimming, biking, jogging, training, exercising or working out
with money raised going to Love146, an international organization working to end child trafficking and exploitation.



Source: Love146 Tread on Trafficking

Trio to run 39 marathons in a month through eastern Europe

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Three friends have begun a challenge to run in 39 marathons within 33 days through eastern European countries.

The challenge will see Tom Stancliffe and Guy Hacking, both from London, and Rob Martineau, from Oxford, cover 1,036 miles across nine countries.

The men – who are raising funds for the victims of child trafficking – have set off from Odessa in Ukraine carrying their supplies.

Their final race will be to Dubrovnik, Croatia, on 4 May.

All three will have to complete the challenge without medical aid or support.

Beginning with Ukraine, they will run through countries including Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro and Kosovo.

The men hope to raise £150,000 for the charity Love 146.

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Consider this for Valentine’s Day!

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Love146 Twitter

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Two children are sold every 56 minutes.

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Dresses Donned for 40 days to Raise Awareness of Sex Trafficking

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It may look like it, yet Ada Hurst and Marisa Polatas don’t have a broken sense of fashion.

But you might develop that misperception if you saw these perky teenagers two days in a row.

The sophomores at Theodore Roosevelt High School are in the midst of a 42-day campaign to raise awareness of sex trafficking by wearing the same outfits during the entire 42-day period, which they started Jan. 30.

Polatas said she got the idea from her older sister, who took part in a campaign to heighten awareness of the criminal sex trafficking enterprise. And a friend took part in a similar awareness campaign that involved wearing the same dress for 30 days.

The girls chose to raise money for the organization Love 146, which works to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children through aftercare, prevention and research. The friends’ goal is $1,000, and they’ve raised $400 so far.

 Source: Patch
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