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Survivor of Sex Trafficking Speaks Out as Battle Against Crimes Continues

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What he did instead, according to Midkiff, was force her into prostitution. She describes one night, when she was kidnapped.

“A few guys kinda rushed up on the car, by gunpoint, pulled me out of the car, blindfolded me and laid me down in the back,” she said. “Then I experienced a lot of different traumas, abuse. I wasn’t able to get away from them for at least a month, almost.”

Midkiff’s chance to escape came as police arrived at her trafficker’s door.

“My pimp at the time sodomized a young lady and did lots of other things to her,” she said. “She was able to get away and get to the police.”

She now works as a mentor for some of the nonprofit groups that are helping her recover.

Source: NBC LA

Most L.A. County youths held for prostitution come from foster care

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A majority of juveniles arrested on prostitution charges in Los Angeles County come from the county’s foster care system, and, in some cases, pimps use underage sex workers to recruit fellow group home residents, county officials said.

Until now, foster youth caught in the sex trade have largely been the responsibility of the county Probation Department.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors voted Tuesday to launch a multiagency task force to address the ongoing issue of sex trafficking involving youth in the foster care system. The move was spurred in part by this month’s passage of an anti-sex-trafficking ballot measure, which county officials said will shift much of the responsibility for juvenile prostitutes from the criminal justice system to the foster care system.

Of the 174 juveniles arrested on prostitution-related charges in Los Angeles County in 2010, 59% were in the foster care system, according to Probation Department statistics. The department has launched initiatives to address the issue of sex trafficking, including running prevention workshops in juvenile halls.

Source: LA Times

Los Angeles City Council Votes Unanimously To Support Proposition 35, Stop Human Trafficking in California

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On Friday, August 17th, the Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously to support Proposition 35 – Stop Human Trafficking in California. Slated for the November 2012 ballot, Proposition 35 is an initiative that will fight against human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of women and children in the state. Today’s action by the City Council carries special significance given that Los Angeles is one of three cities in the state recognized by the FBI as high intensity child sex trafficking areas.

Los Angeles City Councilwoman Jan Perry led the motion to support Proposition 35, saying: “By supporting Prop 35,Los Angeles is fighting back against human trafficking of vulnerable women and children that is happening in our community. Unfortunately, Los Angeles is a center for child sex trafficking, but we can fight back against these terrible crimes by passing Prop 35 and putting in place tougher penalties for human traffickers. We urge all voters in Los Angeles and throughout the state of California to join us in supporting Prop 35.”

Source: U.S. Politics Today

On a recent weekday afternoon, a dozen loyal patrons converged at Cafe Miss Cutie to play Chinese chess, watch European soccer on flat screen TVs and sip iced coffee served by a waitress in a see-through lavender negligee.
(reporter Amy Taxin for Huffington Post) An example of where human trafficking is likely lurking just under the surface.

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Vietnamese quasi-strip clubs growing in numbers in Los Angeles

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