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Gary Haugen, president & CEO, IJM

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Once trafficked, she now brings hope to other survivors.

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At just 14 years old, Charito was trapped in a bar in the Philippines (similar to this one) and sold to be abused by customers.

At just 14 years old, Charito was trapped in a bar in the Philippines (similar to this one) and sold to be abused by customers.

Poverty left Charito* vulnerable. Desperate to help her impoverished family, she dropped out of school to look for work. When a woman she’d just met promised her a good job in a nearby city, she felt she had ‘no other choice’ but to accept.

But it was a horrible lie. Just 14 years old, Charito was trafficked into a bar in Cebu, the Philippines. She was sold for sex night after night. She remembers, “They treated us like animals.”

Fortunately, local authorities soon rescued Charito and 26 other girls trapped in the bar. But from there the case stalled—stuck in a broken court system. Charito returned home alone, burdened by shame and struggling to heal.

Later that year, IJM opened an office in Cebu. Our attorneys heard of the troubled case and quickly worked with state prosecutors to move the trial forward. IJM social workers helped Charito move into an aftercare home for the support and trauma counseling she so desperately needed.

“IJM helped in giving worth and time for my case.” Real freedom began “because of the love I received from people who truly cared for me.”

Source: IJM

Celebrate IJM’s Birthday!

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Dedicate your birthday, special day or any unique event you dream up. The power is in your hands to help stop traffickers, slave owners and other criminals. Share your heart, inspire action and raise funds that will send IJM to bring rescue to men, women and children around the world.

In less than 10 minutes, you can create a customized online fundraising page. Launch your own individual campaign or start a campaign on behalf of your church, school, business or sports team! Each member of your group can customize their own page and raise funds towards a collective, team goal!

What can you do to help end slavery? Kaity Ruhland found a way to make her voice be heard.

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Last year, Kaity Ruhland was one of 73,000 who signed a letter to President Obama, asking him to make ending slavery a priority for his administration.  In the fall, President Obama responded by issuing an Executive Order on human trafficking and by giving the long speech on slavery by any sitting president since Abraham Lincoln. Kaity reflects on her experience and explains why we need people to sign the letter again this year.

Sign the letter to President Obama!

IJM: Ask the President to help make Freedom REAL

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Let’s be the generation to leave slavery behind in the history books! Do your part to encourage President Obama to extinguish slavery for good! Click on the picture above or visit

President Obama’s Speech on Human Trafficking

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Last September, President Obama made a speech renouncing human trafficking and vowing that the U.S.would take serious steps to end what he called “modern-day slavery.” He said that “[slavery] evokes obviously one of the most painful chapters in our nation’s history. But around the world, there’s no denying the awful reality. When a man, desperate for work, finds himself in a factory or on a fishing boat or in a field, working,toiling, for little or no pay, and beaten if he tries to escape — that is slavery. When a woman is locked in a sweatshop, or trapped in a home as a domestic servant, alone and abused and incapable of leaving — that’s slavery.”To access the entire speech, please click here:

Take Action!

At IJM, we hope to see the president follow through on these promises to make freedom real by collecting150,000 signatures on a letter to the president. You can access the letter here:

IJM: Mimi’s Story

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Like many girls her age, 12-year-old Mimi* left her Rwandan village for a job in the city, hoping to help her poor family. But after years of hard work, she was barely earning enough to survive.

Then, all at once, her fragile world fell apart: Mimi was raped by her employer’s brother and cast out to the streets. Alone and afraid, she discovered she was pregnant. Her baby came early, and they spent months in and out of hospitals—weak, penniless and feeling powerless to seek help.

But she bravely told her story to nurses at a local clinic, who called police and IJM Rwanda. She was not alone anymore; we were able to stand up for Mimi and help her heal. We fought for justice in court, and the man who raped her was convicted and sent to prison.

Today, Mimi is safe at home, with new confidence and new skills she learned through IJM. Her IJM social worker says, “You can see the future shine in her eyes.”

Will you send IJM to bring rescue and restoration to more children? Your gift changes lives.

Read more of Mimi’s story here. »


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2012 milestones and shared victories

January 1 – Google joins us in the fight against slavery, and turns up the heat to fund mobilizing advocates in the U.S. and overseas in India.

January 17 – Your Voices Heard: The state legislature in New Jersey passed a crucial piece of legislation that will aid victims of human trafficking. This bill, called a safe harbor law, is an important step forward in the fight against slavery right here in our own country.

January 24 – With the President’s State of the Union address that night, Justice Campaigns advocates around the country begin mobilizing others to  ask the President to make slavery a priority. Goal set: 27,000 signatures (symbolizing the 27 million slaves around the world).

February 29 – We meet our goal of 27,000 signatures for President Obama, but decide to build on this momentum to mobilize even more voices (see a video from Holly).

March 11 – 72 Days for Freedom Campaign launches – Atlanta’s Passion City Church joins Justice Campaigns to turn the 27,000 number upside down and sets a new goal of 72,000 signatures asking President Obama to help end slavery..

Source (and see the rest of IJM’s milestones): IJM

Students stand in quad for 27 hours to fight sex trafficking

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“A lot of people think that since we’re in the U.S. and in the 21st century, slave trafficking isn’t an issue,” Todd said. “But, in fact, it is still very prevalent. It’s just something that people aren’t aware of because so much of it happens under the table.”

“Standing against slave trafficking has become sort of a trendy social movement — it’s a thing for people to be involved in anti-human trafficking and social justice.”

Junior Hollis Dameron, a participant in STAND 4 Freedom, led a Zumba class during the first hour of the event.

“For me, it seems like I could do a lot more because an hour of my time is so insignificant to what these people go through,” Dameron said. “Giving up an hour of my time is just something small that I can do to help.”

Source: Daily Tar Heel

Holiday Shopping: Make a Difference – IJM

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For each gift you purchase, you may choose to share it with a customizable free mailed gift card or a customizable e-card. Order mailed cards by December 15 to receive in time for Christmas. Orders for mailed cards received after December 15 will arrive in the new year. E-cards can be ordered and scheduled to send on the date of your choice.

January 10 is the last day for both printed card and e-card gift orders.

Click on the picture to go to the online shop!

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