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Rescue Games fight against human trafficking with CrossFit competition

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“The pain you saw on the people and the darkness you saw related to human trafficking was incredible,” Anna said. “Seeing the full circle of where the girls come from and where they end up, and the dysfunction in the country will definitely stick with me for a long time.”

After visiting Thailand and being exposed to human sex trafficking first hand, Della and Anna decided to organize a CrossFit fundraiser in order to raise funds to rebuild a dilapidated barn in Thailand that will house more than 60 girls rescued from trafficking.

The Powells, certified CrossFit and Tactical Athlete trainers, are a mother and daughter team that leads Grace and Grit Fitness group that runs a CrossFit, a strength and conditioning fitness trend gaining popularity, out of Lutz.

When they visited Thailand for three weeks in August with Rescue1, an umbrella organization of Compassionate Hope, a Christian organization that performs global relief work, the Powells met girls rescued from human trafficking and toured their current living facilities.

Before their trip, Della had already formulated a way to help the girls rescued from human trafficking.

The Rescue Games, a CrossFit event, will be held Saturday at 8:30 a.m. in Seaplane Basin Park at Davis Island Parks. The Rescue Games is looking for sponsors, volunteers and CrossFit competitors.

Source: USF Oracle

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