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Local nurse encounters child slavery during trip

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Ghana formed anti-slavery laws in 1998 but only recently began spotty enforcement. According to Hoenig, there are an estimated 7,000 child slaves working in the Lake Volta region alone in Ghana.

“About 40 child slave owners in the area had been arrested shortly before we arrived,” she said. “Due to the mounting pressure, many of the masters were willing to release the children. Unfortunately, the children had no where to go. They agreed to let us interview the children because they understood we wanted to help.”

Hoenig, along with Amanda Larson — founder of Compassionate Journeys, a humanitarian NGO — and Jake Roble, an 18-year-old from Chicago, proceeded on their trip across Lake Volta to a village called Pontoolan. After singing and visiting together, the chief stated he would write the slave children’s names and their master’s names on a piece of paper and send them to be interviewed.

“We were appalled to see all of the children, about 80 of them, running around with these slips of paper. There were so many,” Hoenig said.

(Ashley Graves for The Cullman Times)


Documentary maker answers your questions

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CNN: CNN correspondent David McKenzie traveled into the heart of the Ivory Coast to investigate children working in the cocoa fields. His documentary “Chocolate’s Child Slaves, premiers Friday January 20, 9 CET on CNN International. David is answering your questions from the comments section here:

Bloom Angel asks: “There are so many kids in this condition and we cant do anything, where is government?”

David McKenzie: Hi Bloom. I think there is always something you can do. Every change starts with a single person. If you want to do something about it, then contact chocolate companies, or lawmakers, or just continue the discussion with your friends. Most activists I have spoken to – and what I have learnt from our reporting – lead me to believe that the government of Ivory Coast hasn’t done nearly enough to fix this issue. Politics and recent history does play into it. Since 2002, the government in Ivory Coast (or Cote d’Ivoire in French) has been crippled by a series of political crises. But consider this, in 2011, one of the more violent years in the country’s recent past, cocoa production was up by 25 percent. If they can get cocoa to market, then they can get people into the farms to spread the message. The new government has pledged to reform the cocoa industry, but it wouldn’t be the first time this has been promised.

Pradeepa Jeeva asks: “Which companies in America use this chocolate for their products?”

David McKenzie: That’s a great question Pradeepa. And the answer is interesting and complex. All the major companies globally source cocoa from West Africa. So pretty much any famous brand you can think of uses cocoa from Ivory Coast. Very few chocolate companies can trace where exactly their cocoa comes from and whether child slavery has been used in its production. As an example, Nestle told CNN that they can only trace 20 percent of their cocoa supply (that is why they have sent a team to investigate their supply chain). Only a few Fair Trade chocolate brands can confidently say that no trafficked children are used on their farms.

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Jesse Eaves gives us a TVPRA update. Keep up the great work and make sure to call Congress

Important TVPRA update!!

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As many as 2.8 million children run away each year in the US. Within 48 hours of hitting the streets, one-third of these children are lured or recruited into the underground world of prostitution and pornography.

End Slavery via The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children


The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA) expired on September 30 – but our advocacy is just now beginning. (read more about the bill here) Since Tuesday, there are now 12 new co-sponsors in the House and Senate. If you’re House member or senators have not co-sponsored…

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James Pedrick: TVPRA expires today… How to pester Congressional leaders on Facebook & Twitter

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To be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others.

– Nelson Mandela (thanks to @Sojourner5)

Let’s use our freedom to advocate for the 27 million who don’t yet have it!

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Rescued child slaves – Charlie, Lakshmi, and Mariados.

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Our reality. We must do SOMETHING.

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