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Uzbekistan falls under US sanctions on human trafficking

In Bonded Labor, Child Labor, Forced Labor, Human Trafficking on July 20, 2013 at 12:33 pm

“According to a variety of sources, the government of Uzbekistan enforced a decree resulting in a sweeping reduction of the number of children under 15 years of age in the 2012 cotton harvest, but the government continued to subject older children and adult laborers to forced labor in that harvest,” states the 2013 Trafficking in Persons report.

Independent sources report that forced child labor was used in the spring of 2013 for weeding of cotton fields.

“One activist reported at least one case of a mental hospital subjecting its patients to domestic servitude,” write the author’s in the TIP Report. “In addition, there are recent reports that teachers, students (including children), employees in private businesses, and others have been forced by the government to work in construction, agriculture, and in cleaning parks.”

Furthermore, some Uzbekistani men and women are subjected to forced labor outside of their country. Seasonal workers from Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan, Russia, and—to a much lesser extent—Ukraine occasionally fall victim to forced labor in domestic service, agriculture, and the construction and oil industries.

Source: Uz News


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