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No more waivers for Maldives in human trafficking placement

In Human Trafficking on July 19, 2013 at 12:31 pm

The Maldives will not be eligible for another waiver next year in the human trafficking placements of the US, the State Department has said.

But the island nation can take constructive efforts within the year in order to be elevated off the watch list to Tier 2 status or face relegation to Tier 3 status.

Luis CdeBaca, director of the office to monitor and combat trafficking in persons, said Thursday that six out of the 25 countries on the Tier 2 Watch List would not be eligible for a waiver next year. They are Afghanistan, Barbados, Chad, Malaysia, the Maldives and Thailand.

Under the terms of a 2008 law, the six countries could no longer stay on the Tier 2 Watch List and either had to move up to Tier 2 or be downgraded to Tier 3 – a move that could trigger cuts in non-humanitarian and non-trade US aid.

Christopher L. Teal, the press and cultural affairs counsellor at the US embassy in Colombo, told Haveeru that despite being not eligible for a waiver next year, the Maldives could take meaningful action to combat human trafficking.

Source: Haveeru

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