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Obama Admin Admits China’s One-Child Policy Ups Sex Trafficking, Won’t Condemn It

In Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on July 16, 2013 at 12:23 pm

The one-child policy came into effect in 1979 in an attempt to stabilize the country’s population. Now, a generation later, the policy has caused sex-selective abortion and infanticide within the country on a gargantuan scale. Due to the policy, there are currently 37,000,000 more males than females in China — that’s about the entire population of California.

The one-child policy created the shortage of females which currently fuels the demand for prostitution and sex-trafficking within China.

The State Department reported that women and girls are currently being trafficked into China from the neighboring countries of Burma and Vietnam. However, Vietnam also has an imbalanced sex-ratio due to sex-selective abortions, and Burma has just imposed a two-child policy on it’s Rohingya population. If current trends continue, sex-trafficking in the region will only deteriorate.

Source: Life News


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