Human Traffic Watch

Letter: Human trafficking victims need immigration reform

In Human Trafficking on July 12, 2013 at 2:15 pm

I was a victim of human trafficking. I was offered a better life in the United States. I came when I was 10, and I was forced to work all day and I did not attend school. I was in a house in Newark along with 22 other girls who were in the same position as me. We were all under age and when we finally got rescued in 2007, we found out that all our documents were not legal; we were threatened to be deported.

As a young girl who grew up here and makes this country my home, it was hard to hear that now I have to start all over and cannot pursue my education as an immigration attorney. What frustrates me the most is that when I tell people about what happened to me, all they focus on is the fact that I came here illegally.

Well I am a immigrant, a hard working one too; no I am not taking all the jobs, I’m not on welfare, I’ve never been to jail, I am now a student at a university. There are many immigrants like myself that came to the United States for different reasons and have to live in the shadows simply because our immigration system is broken. We need immigration reform now.

Source: M Live


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