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Human Sex-Trafficking Filmmaker Turns to Kickstarter in $100K Fundraiser

In Awareness, Human Trafficking on July 8, 2013 at 10:59 am

The connection between pornography and the growing business of human sex trafficking is undeniable, yet many may not be aware of it. Film producer Guy Noland is making a concerted effort to raise the public awareness.

Noland, of the Salvation Army Vision Network, is producing a feature-length documentary titled Hard Corps in an attempt to expose the façade that pornography is a “harmless pastime for consenting adults.” His goal is to uncover the truth about how pornography truly leads to addiction, infidelity, prostitution and, eventually, sex trafficking.

“Raising awareness is key,” Noland says. “Many casual users of pornography are able to claim ignorance, and we want to shatter that bubble. If they choose to continue on, they can’t claim ignorance anymore.

“More importantly, we want to inspire people to get involved and make a difference within their own communities. Modern day slavery is happening, and it’s not a third-world problem. It’s happening in your communities, right next door. We believe it’s time to do something.”

Source: Charisma News


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