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African infiltrators use Yemen as by-pass country, say Saudi Arabia

In Human Trafficking on July 7, 2013 at 1:38 pm



Although Saudi Arabia resumed earlier this year the construction of its border-fence to curb the flow of illegal immigration and trades into the kingdom, officials have now revealed that African infiltrators continue to use Yemen as a by-pass country into Saudi Arabia.
The 1400 km border line which Saudi Arabia shares with impoverished and unruly Yemen is essentially rugged and mountainous, a terrain which makes any form of control rather complicated.
According to official reports African migrants walk from east Yemen to the west, across deserts and prairies until they reach al-Tuwal (Jizan province, in Saudi Arabia).
Ever since 2011, when Yemen underwent radical political and institutional changes, smugglers have used a breakdown in security to expand the range of their criminal activities: human trafficking, drug smuggling and arm trafficking.
Beyond the immediate impact such activities are having on Yemen and Saudi Arabia security, non-governmental organizations have been concerned over the rise in human suffering.

Source: Yemen Post


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