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Global development podcast transcript: modern-day slavery in focus

In Awareness, Human Trafficking on July 6, 2013 at 9:27 am

Annie Kelly discusses why forced labour is still a global problem with Leonardo Sakamoto, Beate Andrees, Romana Cacchioli and Andrew Wallis

AK And can you tell me a bit about the conditions that you’ve witnessed first-hand in Brazil, so the conditions of some of the workers engaged in this kind of forced labour?

LS The conditions depends where the place where the workers were found in the slave labour situation. When you see workers in areas in the Amazon, the conditions are the worst possible. The workers don’t receive enough food for their needs. The workers, they must make camps inside the jungle. The workers don’t have access to salaries. The workers are sometimes are threatened to death. And sometimes the workers have to pay for their own tools to work. Sometimes you see very big cattle ranches – there is a care of the workers that is smaller than the care of the cattle.

AK Why or how is this being allowed to continue in Brazil?

LS They used to say here in Brazil that slavery is sustained by a tripod: poverty, impunity and greed. And of course poverty is a very bad condition, the lack of opportunities. We’re not talking about just money, we’re talking about the conditions to have a good life. And this is the first. And they push the workers to try jobs in very far places with no share that we receive, for example.

Source: The Guardian / Podcast: The Guardian


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