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Man’s mission compels him to fight human trafficking

In Awareness, Human Trafficking on June 23, 2013 at 9:14 am

Not a public speaker by trade, Zambrows planned to rely on statistics and anecdotes to spark conversation about the heavy topic.

“It’s such a huge problem that stems from so many different reasons, there’s no answer to it,” he said. “I come bearing questions. I hope this community will start asking questions, expounding on them and working together as a group. Through God, we can do all things. I’d like to stress the ‘we,’ because this is not a solo effort.”

The anti-trafficking ride is designed to fight human trafficking on all fronts, both the preventive and reactionary sides.

Zambrows supports two missionaries, Debbie Kelsey and Mylinda Baits, who work with victims of human trafficking. He also helps CASA for Kids, which sends volunteers into courtrooms to represent the best interests of children. Children are frequently forgotten in the legal system or are used as ammunition, neither of which is in their best interest, Zambrows said. This can increase the likelihood of running away and being vulnerable to traffickers.

However, “until we address the root of the problem, it’s not going to go away,” Zambrows said.

Source: My Journal Courier


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