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Kiwi lifts the lid on human trafficking

In Child Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on June 14, 2013 at 9:03 am

Kiwi, Daniel Walker, has become an expert at infiltrating organised crime networks. He has had a hand in the rescue of hundreds of victims, and the prosecution of dozens of perpetrators. This former New Zealand detective and author of the book ‘God in a Brothel’ will share his personal experiences, struggles and triumphs from the international cities he has worked in at two free Auckland events this June.

After five years working undercover across the globe investigating the trafficking of women and children, Walker now heads up his own anti-trafficking organization, NVader.

TEAR Fund events manager, Gavin McCulloch said, “Walker’s message is set against a hair-raising backdrop of clandestine missions. He explores some of the darkest and dangerous places on the planet to help rescue the victims of this horrendous crime, and exposes the magnitude of this form of modern-day slavery and misery. But rather than overwhelming people with the problem, he invites his audience to join a movement against sex trafficking.

Source: VOXY


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