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Only 3% convicted in Chhattisgarh for human trafficking

In Human Trafficking on May 28, 2013 at 2:22 pm

Even as the Chhattisgarh Police joins hands with the UNICEF to open dedicated anti-human trafficking cells in eight notorious districts of the state, it has a poor record of sending the perpetrators of such crimes to jails, as it’s conviction rate remains less than an abysmally low of three percent.

Sheer figures, if one goes by the conviction rate, suggest that of the 215 people arrested in human trafficking cases in the past five years, only 5 persons went to jail for their crimes while the others managed to go scot free, without any punishment whatsoever. Though officials attribute the reasons for the high acquittals to the loop holes in the law and various other factors, there is no denying that such low convictions can hardly act as a deterrent to those who make a kill by trafficking humans.

Admitting that the conviction rate was low, between two to three percent, PN Tewari, OSD CID said this was not unusual and the nationwide trend was similar. “Since in majority of cases relatives and known people are involved in human trafficking, victims become hostile at later stages, making convictions difficult”, he said.

Source: Times of India


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