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Tin Roof and LightForce International collaborate to raise human trafficking awareness

In Awareness, Human Trafficking on May 1, 2013 at 10:38 am

Tin Roof and LightForce International will be partnering to help spread awareness in the fight against human sex trafficking during their Making an Escape event Saturday starting at 6 p.m. at Tin Roof.

The evening will feature live music and will be headlined by country singer Josh London.

LFI is a Lexington-based, non-profit organization dedicated to stopping human sex trafficking concentrated in Costa Rica.

“Our main goal is to exist to fight against enslavement and exploitation of men, women and children in human trafficking,” said Jordan Cornett, LFI PR coordinator. “We’ve done things on college campuses before, but never anything in a commercial venue like this.”

Justin Stephen, Tin Roof general manager, said he was more than happy to help put the event together.

“Obviously this is a different type of charity. Most people don’t understand it, which I guess is a bad and good thing,” Stephen said. “The bad thing is that people don’t really know about it, but
the good thing is that it will help raise awareness of what goes on in other places in the world. With events like this you just want to help out whoever’s in need.”

Source: KY Kernal


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