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Sex Trafficking #3: The Perpetrators

In Child Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on May 1, 2013 at 10:43 am


We have now learned about the basics of sex trafficking and the emotional and psychological turmoil of the victims. But what about the sex traffickers themselves? The people behind the operation?

In the trafficking world, sex traffickers are called recruiters. Pimps are the men who handle the daily affairs of controlling the women. A recent U.S. study has indicated that 28% of women admit to their husbands or partners as being their pimps – a staggering, incredibly upsetting number. In my previous article, I mentioned Stockholm syndrome, a term used to describe the occasional feelings of gratitude from victims toward their captors. These “partner-pimps” produce the widest percentage of Stockholm Syndrome in sex trafficking victims – their loved ones are violently sexually, emotionally, and psychologically abusing them and selling them out to other men.

Around 40% of U.S. women and 60% of international women say that organized networks of people were controlling them and manipulating them within the sex trade. Some of these networks were disguised as bars, strip clubs, massage parlors, and even the mafia. Most of these networks usually contain around 1-10 people, with a maximum being around 100. The ethnicity of recruiters is even – half Caucasian and half African – American. Most recruiters are also involved in other kinds of crime, such as fraud, auto theft, robbery, illegal weaponry, and carjacking.

Source: News East Villagers

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  2. Do you mean 28% of women in the sex industry, or 28% of all women? 40% of US women in the sex industry, or 40% of all US women? Needs clarification.

    • To be clear, I do not write these articles. Click on the source and you can find the original article and comment/contact the author. I post anything that might be related to trafficking to show its pervasiveness in our world. It comes in a million shapes and forms, and it is everywhere. Sometimes it turns out that something I’ve posted may not be as spot on as other things, but hopefully it will help people understand how prolific trafficking actually is and give them a better understanding of how to spot it and how to get involved.

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