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The following is a letter from Mil-

“We see over 200 women a year at the shelter, almost all of whom are coming out of sex trafficking. The process of recovery is not a simple one. In even the best of cases justice against the traffickers is often out of our hands and it can take years to be won.

Healing is a path we must help each individual navigate. There is no easy answer. Not For Sale’s program has become very popular with the girls, and we have seen the positive effect on both their well being, and growth towards independence.

What we hear is that the women feel valued, useful and truly happy because of what they learn.  The qualification that the women earn shows them the worth of their efforts and new skills, and is a powerful and affirming step to a working life in the Netherlands.

My hope is that one day our efforts will result in me no longer having a job. Right now, we must do all that we can to bring opportunities for normal jobs and normal lives and enable those once exploited to be free again.”

– Mil

While we have created training opportunities for 18 survivors, we still have 26 women desperate for critical care on the waiting list. Without training these women face the worst possible scenario, being re-trafficked. By May 1, we need to raise $50,000 to ensure that these women can live lives free of exploitation. Without your help, we will be forced to turn them away.

Give today to end the wait list for our help. Raise hope for Amsterdam.

Source: Not for Sale Campaign


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