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Silent Prisoners: Teen Sex Trafficking – Part II

In Child Sex Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on April 1, 2013 at 3:26 pm

Cali walked to the man’s car and slid inside. There wasn’t much talk until they got to the hotel. “Here we are,” he said while reaching over to stroke her leg. She opened the door hesitantly and stepped outside, ignoring her gut instinct to run. The last time she tried to escape it didn’t turn out very well… She remembered returning to her pimp after a few days on the street because she didn’t have any money or food. The lesson he taught her had branded her for life and she’d never do that again.

She slowly followed the man through the dingy and distastefully decorated hotel lobby. She wondered what he did for a living; was he a businessman, possibly an attorney, may be a husband, or even a dad? They never revealed too much about themselves as they wanted this to be their “little secret.” All Cali knew was that they had to have money because the price her pimp charged for her was an arm and a leg, although she never saw any of the money she brought in.

Source: Psychology Today


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