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MTV’s Korean Drama Butterfly to Raise Awareness on Human Trafficking

In Awareness, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on March 28, 2013 at 2:08 pm


An unfortunate social reality in the Asia-Pacific is that it accounts for the lion’s share of the world’s human trafficking: according to the United Nations, 56 percent to be exact. Globally, the number of victims is around 2.5 million people, mainly women and children.

In an effort to stem this human rights atrocity, MTV EXIT (End Exploitation and Trafficking), an award-winning freedom and human rights multimedia campaign linked to the global music giant, announced yesterday that it will soon air Butterfly, an “edutainment” program that will shine a light on this dark spot of the region’s underbelly through that perennial television favorite: Korean drama.

“The reason we selected a Korean drama as a format for a human trafficking awareness program was due to the massive popularity of that format across Asia,” MTV EXIT Director Matt Love told The Diplomat. “In almost every country in Asia, Korean dramas are among the highest-rated programs, so it’s an excellent medium to reach a large number of young people with key safe migration messages.”

Source: The Diplomat


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