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How Men Can Help Stop Sex Trafficking

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Let me tell you a true story—Brianna’s story.

Brianna was a normal teenage girl. She was an all-star athlete and a waitress at a local mom and pop café in a small town in Washington. She dreamed of moving to a big city, and going to college to study nursing.

It was almost her 18th birthday, and Brianna was working late, when a few college guys came into the diner. One guy, Nick, was a college football player. He was tall, blond and handsome, and Brianna was instantly drawn to him. That night, Brianna called Nick and they talked for hours.

Nick invited Brianna to Seattle to hang out. As their relationship grew, he asked her to move in with him. When she asked how she would pay for college, he suggested she work as a dancer at a strip club. Brianna was uncomfortable about going to a strip club, but Nick convinced her. The club was filthy and smelled like old socks. She spent only two nights dancing at the club, but during that time many men tried to buy sex with her.

Nick asked Brianna to go to Arizona with him to visit his parents for Christmas. Knowing she needed to return her father’s car, which she borrowed to meet Nick in Seattle, she headed for home. On her way she called Evan, an old high-school friend, to help her pack and return to Seattle. As she and Evan were talking, Evan realized that Brianna was in a very dangerous situation. He contacted the authorities.

To end sex trafficking, we need to hit the root cause: Men purchasing women and girls for sex. It’s simple economics. If men demand paid sex with children, traffickers will aggressively seek to supply it.

Source: Huffington Post

  1. So let me see if I got this story straight.
    Brianna was a hot town chick with big dreams. She meets Nick, this attractive guy.
    They hit it off. Time passes. He invites her to live with him in the city.
    She has to pay for college. He suggests she strips. She’s hesitant.
    But Nick CONVINCES HER (I like how ya’ll highlighted this part)
    The club was a dump but somehow… she stayed for TWO days?
    Of which, numerous men tried to buy some poonani from her on amateur night.
    Its Christmas time and Nick invites her to visit his family in Arizona.
    Being responsible, she decides to take her Fathers car back to Seattle instead.
    Evan, hears THIS story and see’s she is in danger being around Nick?
    So much so, That he calls the police on Nick?

    Sorry… but there’s ALL kinds of stuff wrong with this picture.
    1Q. What did Nick do to convince her? Threaten that if she dont strip she cant live with him anymore?
    1A. She has a CHOICE… go back to the town or freak it out in the city. I mean… she had enough sense to return her Fathers car.

    2Q. The club was a dump, but she rocked it out for TWO days?
    2A. As a man, I’ve gone to strip clubs that were dumps and you couldn’t pay me to stay more than 2 minutes let alone 2 days. She made, yet again… another choice.

    3Q. Why did Evan call the cops on Nick?
    3A. Cuz Evan is a captain! He trying to angle in on this hot bodied athlete and he isn’t listening to the WHOLE story… all he thinking about is… how can I save her and make her mine. See me, I’m not trying to bone Brianna… so I heard the whole story… and sorry sugar.
    Make a bed… lay in that thang… or get up… and get in a different bed
    (probably a bad analogy given the subject… but you understand what I mean)

    • This may not be the best of examples, but it is in fact how pimps (especially pimps who are parts of gangs – there are many instances of M-13 gang members/pimps getting caught trafficking underaged victims) get away with manipulating children every day. A child can not make a bed, and isn’t responsible for lying in it; that’s child and sexual abuse, even if she’s 17 and 11 months. For the record, I did not highlight it, that’s how it was highlighted from the website I shared. I’d encourage you to watch “Very Young Girls” (a documentary), read “Girls Like Us,” or visit to learn more about commercially sexually exploited children. And I’d also suggest you learn the term “victim blaming.” Yes, a child can think she’s making a decision, but any adult who suggests or coerces her to strip or prostitue herself out is legally a criminal and morally reprehensible.

  2. Ok… that’s a VERY specific opinion. In regards to CHILD sex trafficking. But in the story above it was almost her 18th birthday… I don’t dispute that a minor (in the sense that, this child is NOT having her 18th birthday next week). Now… how young is young? I DONT want to give the impression that I advocate forced sex trafficking of children or of women alike. What I am trying to illustrate is… when does CHOICE become part of the equation? And I understand the concept of “victim blaming” and that is NOT what I’m proposing here. Rape is rape…something was taken from a woman in that action. She is a victim. But in regards to prostitution… she GIVES of herself to OBTAIN financial gain. So… The question I pose is… Are all these women, who sell there body for money… are ALL of them victim to some sort of manipulation by a man? Is it completely out of the question that SOME of these ADULT (18 and over.. and in some countries the *AGE OF CONSENT* is 16)…
    is it UNBELIEVABLE that some of these women are making their OWN decision at SOME point?
    Watch this link:

    and maybe look into this:

    I DO NOT ADVOCATE FORCED PROSTITUTION, CHILD PROSTITUTION, OR ANY KIND OF SEXUAL ABUSE…. I merely pose a question regarding CONSENT and WHEN do we stop blaming a man for a woman’s ULTIMATE decision. Are we not of FREE WILL?

    • I don’t dispute that some people willingly and knowingly prostitue their bodies. I don’t believe prostitution should be illegal. But the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Person’s Report has many definitions of human trafficking, and even a woman who works as a prostitute for a living can become a trafficking victim if she is forced into a situation or a job she doesn’t want to do. I’m sure there are cases when a girl started into something (i.e. made a choice to pursue some type of relationship), but then it turned into something she didn’t want or didn’t quite understand. In this case, Brianna may have still been going along for the ride, but the point is that her trafficker WAS a known trafficker, and she escaped just in time (before becoming a true victim). The article isn’t painting the “classic” picture of a sex trafficking victim, but it’s an example of how it can happen to almost anyone, consenting age or not. On top of that, the point of this particular article (which may not be clear from the portion I put on this blog, but should be if you click through the link), is that men DO buy children for sex, and they DO buy women for sex, and they rarely – if ever – care or want to know if she is doing it on her own accord. Not that she would feel safe enough to tell him one way or another. Without the demand for children (or women, for that matter), then this issue would not be as bad as it is. This is another reason I wish prostitution wasn’t illegal – so that it would be easier to identify who does and doesn’t want to be a prostitute, and those prostitutes who are being forced wouldn’t fear law enforcement. I appreciate your thoughts, and I understand your questions — there are cases when women choose sex, although I’d suggest that more often than not people move into prostitution because they haven’ thad success in finding any other suitable form of income (this is a problem with our society, NOT the women). Anyway, yes, women can choose it, but there aren’t enough women choosing it to satisfy the amount of men who demand it – and there definitely are not enough children to satisfy the demand for children.

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