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IJM: Mimi’s Story

In Child Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Social Justice on March 4, 2013 at 3:11 pm


Like many girls her age, 12-year-old Mimi* left her Rwandan village for a job in the city, hoping to help her poor family. But after years of hard work, she was barely earning enough to survive.

Then, all at once, her fragile world fell apart: Mimi was raped by her employer’s brother and cast out to the streets. Alone and afraid, she discovered she was pregnant. Her baby came early, and they spent months in and out of hospitals—weak, penniless and feeling powerless to seek help.

But she bravely told her story to nurses at a local clinic, who called police and IJM Rwanda. She was not alone anymore; we were able to stand up for Mimi and help her heal. We fought for justice in court, and the man who raped her was convicted and sent to prison.

Today, Mimi is safe at home, with new confidence and new skills she learned through IJM. Her IJM social worker says, “You can see the future shine in her eyes.”

Will you send IJM to bring rescue and restoration to more children? Your gift changes lives.

Read more of Mimi’s story here. »

  1. Heartbreaking. Thanks for sharing her story! Blessings!

    • Of course! Spread the word… the more people who understand trafficking, the more chances they will reduce their likelihood of supporting it. The clothes we buy, food we eat, shoes we run in – everything needs to be inspected before we pay for it. Mim’s story may not hit as close to home, but I for one had to wean myself off of non-ethically sourced chocolate and Forever 21 after I learned more about trafficking and corrupt labor practices.

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