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Report: Extent of Alaska human trafficking unclear

In Human Trafficking on March 1, 2013 at 12:31 pm

Human trafficking most likely occurs in Alaska, but it is unclear how prevalent the crime is in the state, according to a new study.

The State of Alaska Task Force on the Crimes of Human Trafficking, Promoting Prostitution and Sex Trafficking presented its findings to a joint session of the House and Senate judiciary committees Wednesday. Legislation passed last year called for the creation of a task force that would look at the prevalence of trafficking and prostitution, as well as the services available to help victims of those crimes.

“Due to the lack of training and the general unwillingness of the victims to disclose their background, there is a lack of information on how prevalent trafficking is in Alaska and what is most needed to address the problem,” the report states. While it is hard to discern the extent of the problem, “it is apparent that survival sex and sex trafficking occur within Alaska, and that these victims pres ent some of the most complex cases in terms of security, emotional and physical well-being,” the report states.

Source: News Miner


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