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Korean nightclub madam sentenced in immigration case

In Forced marriage, Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on February 26, 2013 at 12:16 pm
MIRROR FILE PHOTOThe Blue Moon, located at 31140 Pacific Highway S., just north of South 312th Street in Federal Way. The nightclub's entrance is an unmarked door at the back of the building.

The Blue Moon, located at 31140 Pacific Highway S., just north of South 312th Street in Federal Way. The nightclub’s entrance is an unmarked door at the back of the building.

The madam of a nationwide Korean prostitution ring headquartered in Federal Way was sentenced to prison on charges of immigration fraud.

Auburn resident Miyoung Roberts, 42, operated the Blue Moon nightclub on Pacific Highway South. On Friday, she was sentenced to two years in prison and three years of supervised release, according to U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan’s office.

Between 2009 and 2012, Roberts arranged illegal immigration for more than 24 Korean women who traveled around the United States to work at similar nightclubs. According to the attorney’s office, Roberts had “earned a reputation for being a successful room salon madam.”

Roberts also counseled the women, who served as “bar girls,” on how to avoid detection by immigration authorities. She set up apartments for the women and supervised some of the women’s prostitution activities, according to the attorney’s office.

Roberts had gained U.S. citizenship through a fake marriage, and in an attempt to arrange a fake marriage for someone else, she recruited an undercover agent who was working on the case.

Source: Federal Way Mirror

  1. This is not a case of human trafficking. As a human traffic watch blog, your efforts should focus on victims of REAL cases of trafficking. These women from South Korea are under no threat, violence, coercion, fraud, etc. and enter the US with FULL knowledge of the types of jobs they are responding to. Many make way more than what a college graduate would make on a starting salary.

    Look into Korean, even Japanese, night culture. You will find that night industry jobs are not just for the desperate but for girls who enjoy the lifestyle with fantasies of latching onto a sugar daddy. To label these types of women as victims alongside those that are truly victimized is unacceptable. The snatched children, children sold off by their family, naive girls falling prey to the idea of an improved life, these are the real victims! Please get facts straight and separate willing prostitutes and those victimized.

    If you’re not convinved, feel free to read the court documents on this case. Women admit to making 200-300 a night. They overstay their visas, lie about immigration status, engage in fraudulent marriages to obtain citizenship, and it is all on their own accord.

    • Trust me, I know what I’m posting – I live in Korea and I know what happens here. Many of these women are indeed under threat or coercion – they run up large credit card bills based on the materialistic society here, and are forced by gangsters to repay their debts in this way. Now, is this very case specifically human trafficking? That is to be determined – but I post anything that can help bring awareness to the plight of various types of human trafficking. I appreciate your thoughts, and if this article turns out to be a case that isn’t human trafficking, it doesn’t necessarily mean that someone didn’t learn about a new form of trafficking (maybe you?) – which is my goal.

    • And all the examples you add at the end – overstaying visas, lying to immigration, etc. – if you don’t believe those aren’t things that victims of human trafficking are forced to do by their traffickers, please spend more time learning about trafficking. These are classic examples.

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