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Nigeria: Collaboration Needed to to Combat Human Trafficking From Nigeria

In Child Labor, Child Trafficking, Forced Labor, Human Trafficking, Involuntary Domestic Servitude on January 28, 2013 at 9:42 am

Orphaned at the age of 12, Grace was sent to work in a Nigerian household as a servant. Her duties were demanding. She was not paid, she could not attend school and was abused by her employer. After working for the family for a few years her employer told her that she was moving to London and that Grace would follow.

Grace was uncertain but had no means to leave or to disobey. When she arrived in the UK the abuse and exploitation got worse. She was not allowed to leave the house, was expected to work through the day and night and slept on the floor. The wages she were promised never materialised.

Grace was one of the people who took part in a research study published today that the UK-based organisations IPPR and Eaves, and the Nigerian organisation dRPC carried out with people who had been trafficked from Nigeria to the UK. Human trafficking from Nigeria is of major concern to the UK government.

Source: All Africa

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