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Online brothels

In Human Trafficking on January 26, 2013 at 1:17 pm

In generations past, the world’s oldest profession was a tawdry trade practiced mostly in the shadows of unlit street corners and darkened alleys. Today, vulnerable young women and girls are still being tricked or forced into selling their bodies to strangers by predatory and amoral pimps who deceive, threaten and abuse them — but the locus of “the stroll” has changed from sidewalks to computer screens. Increasingly, traffickers are going online to market their victims, and as a new study by the Abell Foundation warns, the rise in Internet sex trafficking is rapidly outstripping efforts to combat it.

The study’s authors concede that hard numbers are notoriously difficult to come by, since the vast majority of transactions take place out of view of authorities, and traffickers have become extremely sophisticated in managing their businesses. A computer-savvy pimp can drive into town with four or five girls, set them up in a hotel room and post their pictures on the Internet; within hours, 50 or more men may have responded to the ads. By the time the trafficker checks out later that day, he’s put $10,000 or more in his pocket, all before police even knew he was there.

Source: Baltimore Sun

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