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The Fight To Advertise Health Care For Sex Workers

In Forced Prostitution, Prostitution on January 23, 2013 at 8:26 am


Ads for a clinic that caters to sex workers are currently running on buses in San Francisco. Though the whole point of the campaign is to show that sex workers are people and they deserve access to health care, the ads were rejected twice for being too raunchy for public consumption.

The St. James Infirmary is a clinic run for and by sex workers and their families, which will be advertising on 50 busses in San Francisco through November 11. The Bay Citizenreports:

The ads feature cheery photographs of local sex workers (from the shoulders up), their family members and health care providers, images that include a woman in a fur coat, a man with a dog and a couple touching heads. The tagline “Someone you know is a sex worker” accompanies the images.

Source: Jezebel

Not all sex workers are sex slaves, and not all sex slaves are sex workers. But all deserve for their health to be cared for and for the community to stop ignoring them and pushing them to the margins.


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