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Kenya: Prostitution, Human Trafficking, and the Drug Trade

In Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Prostitution, Sex Trafficking on January 11, 2013 at 1:16 pm

Set in the Belgian city of Antwerp, On Black Sisters’ Street is the tragic story of four African ladies who find themselves ensnared in forced prostitution in Europe. Wrapped in the glittering cellophane that is “life abroad,” the unsuspecting women in their prime are made to believe that Europe offers a better life than their Africa. Like trans-national drug trade, human trafficking is a multi-billion industry that thrives under the nose, and with the tacit approval, of immigration officers and security agents. The masterminds grease the palms of these officers in order to circumvent the law. Once at an airport in Africa, I saw a veiled woman overlap the queue with the aid of an airport officer, who winked at the clearing officer at the desk, and accompanied her through all the rigorous security checks and delivered her to the waiting lounge where the lady sat secluded and started making telephone calls.

Chika Unigwe makes the link between Africa and Europe. She unmasks the players in Africa, invades the secret lives of their European clients, and shows how the trade works: A girl is lured to Europe. She is coached to present an almost believable story to immigration officers in the host country; show her vulnerability and lay claim to asylum status. The immigration officer, working in cahoots with the cartel, punches holes into the story and declines to approve her application. When the girl goes back to her hosts, she is told flatly that she is in the country illegally, but she could be helped to live under fake papers, but she must pay. Her passport is taken away and she is directed into a brothel to start work.

Source: All Africa


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