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Fort Lauderdale man accused of prostituting runaway girls

In Child Sex Trafficking, Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on December 11, 2012 at 3:08 pm

The girls were vulnerable runaways but they were “a free meal ticket” to the man accused of prostituting them in online ads and on the streets of Fort Lauderdale, prosecutors said.

Deangelo Jones, 20, of Fort Lauderdale, went on trial Monday in federal court on charges of conspiracy and sex trafficking of minors, ages 12, 14 and 15.

The defense for Jones, who has pleaded not guilty, said the girls were already troubled and working in the sex trade for some time before they met him. The defense also said the girls did not work for Jones.

The eldest girl testified Monday in court that Jones made her believe that he loved her and lured her into prostituting for him while she was also having sex with him and giving him all the money she made.

During their time together, for several months ending with his arrest in June, he impregnated her, beat her and threw her against a hotel mirror that shattered. She suffered a miscarriage a week or two later, she said.

Source: Sun Sentinel


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