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Orlando Man Sentenced for Sex Trafficking of 13-Year-Old

In Forced Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on December 10, 2012 at 2:56 pm

U.S. District Judge Elizabeth A. Kovachevich sentenced Miguel Morancy (30, Orlando) a/k/a Shadow to 21 years and 10 months in federal prison last week for sex trafficking of a minor.

Morancy pleaded guilty on July 3, 2012.

According to court documents, Morancy was a “pimp” operating in the central Florida area and had numerous prostitutes working for him from 2007 until 2010. Several of the prostitutes were identified as juveniles. Subsequent investigation revealed that, from November 2007 until February 2008, Morancy employed a 13-year-old eighth-grader as a prostitute. The minor victim advised law enforcement that while she worked for Morancy as a prostitute in Tampa and Orlando, she gave all of her earnings to Morancy. She reported that Morancy would make her work seven days a week with little to no rest, and that Morancy would beat her if she broke his rules.

Source: FBI

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