Human Traffic Watch

Fear Of Witchcraft Fuelling Child Trafficking To The UK

In Awareness, Child Trafficking, Human Trafficking on December 1, 2012 at 2:36 pm

“It’s a major concern of ours because the work we’ve done has shown up how cultural belief systems are being used as a means of psychological control,” he says. “We have come across cases where trafficked children as young as five have been made to swear an oath to keep silent about the circumstances of their arrival in the UK. They have been told that if they break that oath they will be cursed for the rest of their lives or that evil spirits may kill them. Fear of witchcraft is so strong that physical violence is rarely needed to ensure a victim does not run away.”

He added: “It is often very hard for child protection professionals working in local authorities and elsewhere to understand how witchcraft abuse can have such a powerful effect over individuals. This often leads to such cases not being explored fully.

Signs such as the presence of an adult who is not a member of the family, for example, are easy to spot as potential indicators of human trafficking. But there are no physical indicators to point out that a child is fearful of witchcraft or spirit possession. This makes it particularly hard to support victims of trafficking and to investigate and prosecute traffickers.

Source: The Voice


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