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How to identify and address human trafficking

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Warning signs
Through training efforts and other initiatives, hoteliers can learn to identify common warning signs that indicate human trafficking.

There are two types of trafficking, Smith said.

The first is “in-call,” in which a room is rented by a pimp or victim and buyers come to the room to purchase sex.

As a result, hoteliers might receive complaints from other guests about knocking on doors and doors opening and closing throughout the night. Hotel staff might notice a sudden spike in calls asking for a specific room number without knowing the guest’s name. And housekeepers and other staff might notice more dirty towels than usual, more requests for room service and children on property during school days.

The second type of trafficking is “out-call,” in which a victim is advertised online and travels to a variety of locations, including hotels, to perform sexual acts.

Warning signs might include an adult checking into a room with a child who does not appear to be related or has a different last name. The child also might appear very subdued and might refuse to make eye contact. Hoteliers also might notice the same person coming through the lobby several times without luggage. There might also be a second lookout person loitering in the lobby or bar.

Menanteau offered several other warning signs for hoteliers:

  • a guest frequently entering the property with no luggage or ID;
  • rooms paid for in cash;
  • anyone who appears fearful or disoriented;
  • anyone who shows signs of physical abuse;
  • anyone who is being restricted from moving or communicating;
  • young people made up to look much older; and
  • young people with significantly older boyfriends.

“It may not be one thing that you see … but rather it’s a few of these indicators together that make it worth contacting law enforcement,” she said.

Source: READ MORE AT: Hotel News Now


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