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Meet The Nonprofit Helping the White House Stop Human Trafficking

In Awareness, Human Trafficking, Social Justice on October 16, 2012 at 4:27 pm

A screenshot of the Free2Work iPhone app.

The Obama administration has confirmed that the California-based nonprofit has been tapped to participate in an upcoming forum at the White House, along with Obama’s Faith-Based Advisory Council, to talk to major corporations about how their electronics, apparel and food can be produced without the use of “slaves.”

In his September speech, Obama said it was time to call victims of human trafficking—the illegal trade of human beings for labor or sex—”modern slavery.” The International Labor Organization, a United Nations agency that handles labor issues, estimates there are nearly 21 million slaves globally today.

“We help companies source differently, we say ‘here’s some great Cacao providers’ [that don’t use human trafficking]. … Washington is very interested in those kind of incentives,” David Batstone, president and co-founder of Not For Sale, tells Whispers. “There’s also a strong demographic under the age of 35 who care about how products are made, so that’s a market reward for corporations.”

Not For Sale says it will also work with the White House toward a possible new federal law inspired by California’s Transparency In Supply Chains Act, which requires every company making $100 million in revenue or more to report where their products were made. The White House declined to comment on the possible new law, but spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden told Whispers the president’s remarks made clear that the administration will be “working with the Congress and private sector and others [on this issue], because a whole-of-nation approach is needed.”

Source: US News


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