Human Traffic Watch

Review the child trafficking law in Nigeria

In Child Trafficking, Human Trafficking on October 12, 2012 at 1:38 pm

In those days (dating back to the 1960s), many indigent children, including orphans and those whose parents were too poor to cater for them, rose to eminent positions, such as judges, professors, engineers, medical doctors, successful business men and women, etc., through being houseboys and housemaids.

Now, the law of Nigeria criminalises those who help to find such jobs as “child traffickers”. Yet, there is no adequate welfare package for indigent parents and children.

There are two alternative reasonable courses of action: either the government abrogates the law forbidding house-help or adopts indigent children who are rescued while being “trafficked” and train or educate them up to the point they can fend for themselves.

Source: Punch NG


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