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Using Fame to Shine a Spotlight on the Suffering

In Awareness, Human Trafficking, Social Justice on October 9, 2012 at 2:22 pm

And George Clooney lays it right out there in his introduction to “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity for Women Worldwide,” which features six well-known “actress-advocates.”

“The celebrity involvement may be able to amplify the story. That’s all,” he says. “There are a lot more people that know who Diane Lane is or that know who Meg Ryan is than know Nick Kristof.” Well, he has a point.

Nicholas D. Kristof, an Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times, and his wife, Sheryl WuDunn, a former foreign correspondent for The Times and now an investment banking executive, wrote the book of the same title from which this production, running Monday and Tuesday nights on PBS stations, takes its lead. It’s beautifully filmed, alternately heartbreaking and inspiring — and more than a little preachy at times with a recurring collection of talking heads bridging the film’s six actress-assisted journeys.

At least two of these additional advocates — Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Gloria Steinem — also are more famous than Mr. Kristof. No harm in that.

Source: NY Times


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