Human Traffic Watch

Non-profits, county work to rehabilitate human trafficking victims

In Awareness, Human Trafficking, Sex Trafficking on September 22, 2012 at 8:52 am

As officials continue to battle illicit sexually oriented businesses in unincorporated Harris County, securing resources for victims has become more of a priority for local non-profits.

“In law enforcement, we’re making a paradigm shift,” said Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia. “In recent years, we’ve gone from arresting women on the streets, trying to convict them and send them off to prison to understanding that they are not born wanting to grow up and be a prostitute. They don’t go to school hoping to graduate magna cum laude in prostitution. So we’ve now developed a new perspective.”

In a new initiative, Garcia said all deputies with the sheriff’s office will go through human trafficking training by the end of the year, so they will be able to recognize victims and find them help.

Source: Your Houston News


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