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Trafficking of humans thru sea on the rise: Report

In Awareness, Forced Labor, Human Trafficking on September 18, 2012 at 9:39 am

The intelligence agencies have alerted the coastal police that with the high seas and the increase in rainfall, the activities of the human trafficking rackets are high during the season.

The officials said that the human trafficking bid by cashing in on the Sri Lankan Tamilians increase during the high seas as it will be difficult to track the vessels crossing the Indian waters. In the last three years, the state police had busted four such attempts to transport the Sri Lankan Tamils from various ports to Australia.

“During the rainy season and the high seas, the Tamils can easily cross the country. Such rackets operate during the monsoon season and in November-December, which is a time of high rainfall. The people are seafarers and can survive the high seas for a long time with little food. But their bid had become futile after they were arrested from Kerala by the police all the time,” the intelligence official said.

Source: IBN Live


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