Human Traffic Watch

1,691 people died through human trafficking in 16 years -UNODC

In Awareness, Human Trafficking on September 14, 2012 at 12:53 pm

“Evidence indicates that smugglers are becoming more and more organised, establishing professional networks that transcend borders and encompass all regions. As with other forms of organised crime, the groups concerned have increased their operations by shifting routes in a bid to expand into other markets.

“As smuggling networks expand, the safety and lives of smuggled migrants continue to be at risk: many suffocate in containers, perish in deserts or drown at sea while being smuggled. Between 1996 and 2011, at least 1,691 people died while attempting desert journeys, and in 2008 alone a further 1,000 deaths occurred as a result of sea crossings,” the report stated.

UNODC further revealed that “Besides loss of life and the grave human rights abuses suffered by migrants as they undertake arduous and risky journeys, the smuggling of migrants fuels other forms of organised crime in the countries of origin, transit and destination. Smugglers are known to bribe government or border officials in exchange for documentation, thereby increasing corruption. Smugglers are also known to falsify travel and identity documents both for themselves and for those being smuggled.

Source: Nigerian Tribune


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